Saturday, November 12, 2016

Inspire the Wonder Part 1

First, a few questions:

Have we lost the awe of God?
Have we lost touch of the holy wonder?
Are we any longer amazed by God?
I look around at our Christian family and wonder if we have fallen more in love with ourselves than God. It seems we are more enamored by the idea of being in a relationship with God- giving ourselves pats on the back for doing churchy things and feeling spiritual- than actually actively and zealously pursuing a relationship with God.

So I ask-
Does the splendor of God captivate our hearts today?
What has become of the fear of the Lord in our lives?

It is evident that the "fear of the Lord" plays second fiddle to the "fear of" current cultural expectations and the "fear of" not standing out- too much.
And I refer to fear of the latter in both aspects of the word- 
  1. intimidation and 
  2. reverence or respect, or high regard.

When did we become content with bowing to ourselves, while bracing our backs to the principles of God because it does not suit us? When did it become more popular to justify our stubbornness in the guise of freedom of expression and liberation from the "rules"?

The church in its current state today seems to be a generation of
 1. Prodigals -wastefully extravagant; spending recklessly (in the spiritual sense) and
 2. A gathering of Esau's --squandering our birthright.

And we're use our "liberty" as an excuse for the flesh, rather than to serve one another in love. Galatians 5:13.

It seems we live our lives in flux asking
Image result for awe of godHow close to God can I be without losing touch with the world?
Or How close to the world can I be without losing touch with God?

Yet the bible says either we will hate the one or love the other. Luke 16:13
It also says being a friend of the world is being an enemy of God. James 4:4.

It's time to evaluate

What is God worth to me?

We say we will go where sends us, do what he asks us- but that usually has conditions.

What is God worth to you? What is the "IT",  that is holding you back from full surrender?
That's where we need to begin again.


Is He not worth "It"?

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