Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Time well spent

I should be studying right now.
Instead I am balancing the sleeping head of my baby boy on my left forearm, praying my arm does not fall asleep, and typing away on this laptop propped on a cardboard box in front of me ( so I don't have to lean over to type).

So like I said I should be studying, but this comes so much easier ( well besides the fact  that I am doing be
fore-mentioned balancing act with the baby, but I digress...).
 OK, and now I have to pause as said baby wrestles and proceeds to kick my arm into submission- to be continued...

So here I am days later, and in the same position. Baby's head is balanced in the crook of my arm. I got my assignments done though.

This topic of time came to me. The way we spend our time. Would we spend it the same way if we were literally spending our time. Ever heard of money well spent?

For example, going to the store is not fun for me. I take for. ev. er. I do. It takes me 15 minutes and three pass bys , two pick-ups and a put down, and one more calculated look-up-into-the-air chin tap,  to decide to get a thing. A thing. Now let's multiply that by- well, let's not. I'm sure you get it.

The Canal ©Chantel Dillard,2013
Now back to the subject at hand.
What would happen if we treated our time as if it was money we were spending? How much more thought would we put into the way we spend time. The thing is, how we spend our time here on earth, is much like a blueprint for the way we will spend eternity.
Are we more concerned with pleasing ourselves and making ourselves as happy and comfortable on this earth as we can, than we are for ministering to others the grace of God? Are we so concerned with fulfilling our goals and dreams that we give no thought to how we can glorify God and bring God's glory to man through those goals and dreams?

I look around at all the fleeting things we do that, once over, you realize, you can't get that time back. I could have done something better with that time, I think sometimes. And don't fool yourself into thinking being busy is the best way to spend your time. Busy-ness does not always equal fulfillment.
Of course without a doubt the best time is always spent holding hands with eternity- talking with our Father, and reading and studying and meditating on his Word. That goes without saying right?
But we must treat every other moment in between as moments in his hands. Because they are.

Psalm 31:15a My times are in Your hand;