Saturday, May 19, 2012

Me and My guitar

(C) 2012, Chantel Dillard

(C) 2012, Chantel Dillard

(C) 2012, Chantel Dillard
My dear husband and I went on a half week vacation a little while ago. Of course I brought my guitar along, hoping for some relaxation and looking to grab a few beautiful shots. He did a great job. Thanks, hon!

In ALL your ways...

1 Samuel 13:11-14
Saul decided to take things into his own hands. His intentions seem pure at first glance. A second look reveals that fear, anxiousness, and impatience drove him to"go ahead on his own". We must be careful that in ALL of our ways, as simple and harmless as they may seem, we first acknowledge our Master and Lord-Jesus Christ.
In our everyday living, we must consciously, consistently recall that our lives are not our own. We must be good stewards, treating every aspect of our lives as if its someone else's. Because it is.
These homes, these livelihoods, the precious children, our spouses, the ministries: are in our care, but in God's possession.
When we begin to wrap our minds around this, its easier to recognize his rights versus our own. He owns it, and can do with it as he wills.
He graciously gives us the enjoyment of his possessions. Yet our acknowledgment of his will in regard to it all, keeps us and all he had given us, safe.

Warmest thoughts and prayers,