Sunday, December 20, 2015

Can we hear them?

Can We hear them?

Beyond the smile
a strain
Behind the eyes
a tear
The laughter masks
a heart drained with the crying
beneath the brow
there's fear

But do we sense the cry?
And if we do, do we turn away?
Do we rely on ourselves to try and save the day,
rather than the Spirit of him who made the day?

Can we hear them?
Do we choose to?

The mourning mother
Betrayed wife
A single father
or different-lifestyled neighbor
Can we hear them?

The slave to success
the beggar on the corner
a struggling preacher
a stressed out teacher

Can we hear them?
do we choose to?

Neighbors, brothers
sisters, friends,
passers-by -

There is no end
to that painful cry
for a Word from heaven
A word to change
worlds and lives
A word to cure
wrongs and make rights
A Word to free
the mind and soul
There's a cry to be healed, to be made

A word to release minds from emotional pain
 To bring peace to confusion  and
soothe the strain
To undo heavy burdens
 and make the oppressed free
to break yokes
 and loose from mental captivity-

Can you hear them?
Do you choose to?
And if you did, can the Lord speak through you?

Can the Lord speak through
Can the Lord
Speak through