Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hearing God Part 2

( Continued from Part 1)
As we turned back to get the tickets my mind could not help replaying that tiny moment of decision that impacted such a big part of our day. "No, sweetheart", I said, "it was mommy's fault."
 I began to pray that the Lord, for the sake of the children, would mercifully allow the ushers to grant us access to the show though, at this rate, we'd be minutes late.
I realized then, while I prayed, that my one faulty decision affected more than just myself. I was thankful that this was not an urgent matter, but it gave me insight as to how important it is to recognize the voice of the Lord and to listen with immediacy. The impact goes beyond ourselves.
7:05- I ran in and grabbed the tickets, bounded back outside. It was 7:08. We headed back in the direction of the theater. According to the GPS it was 20 minutes away. We reached by 7:32, but we still had to corral 6 children out of the vehicle. We can do this, I said to myself.
 We walked to the entrance, me silently praying.  According to the small print on the tickets, the next time they would allow people in was at intermission.

Suddenly I saw the theater door open up. One of the door greeters saw us through the door, and hurriedly waved us in. Oh, we quickened our steps. I heard him indicate our group and our seats in a headset and I almost could not contain my gratefulness.
God was merciful. I was even more thankful because I knew that I totally deserved to miss out.

See it wasn't about missing the tickets. It was about missing the opportunity to obey God and reap the rewards of obedience.
 I appreciate the opportunity to detect God 's voice in a simple matter, so that in a more urgent moment, recognizing and obeying the voice of God will be simple still.

Can you recall a moment when you realized that small voice was God's voice indeed, and the trouble you could have avoided, had you listened?
But his grace is sufficient isn't it?

Warmest thoughts and Prayers,

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hearing God

We were excitedly heading to a greatly anticipated theatrical production. This would be a first for the children, and a first in a very long time (like since grade school) for the Mr and I. Halfway to the theater it donned on me that I had forgotten the tickets. The show began at 7:30 and it was 6:50, midroute, and still ten minutes away from the theater. We needed to get there early however as the theater stated that once show time began there would be no seating- but only at the discretion of the theater folk.
Oh this was not good. My daughter saw my sullen face and tried to make me feel better by saying , it's ok mom its not your fault. By the time we could make a legal u-turn it was 6:51 and we had to turn around, and double back an entire 10 to 12 minutes to go back to get the forgotten tickets.
I was sullen the entire ride back. It was not, however the tickets I had forgotten. It was the realization that I disobeyed the voice of my Father.
You see, hours earlier around 5, I took the tickets out to confirm the start and end time for the show. I had tickets that I printed out and had them all in a neat stack tucked in a zippered pocket to keep them handy and not lose them. I took them out, thinking that maybe I should cut them apart from one another and so I placed them on the desk.
As soon as I put them down, a voice said don't leave them there, implying I will forget them
there. I actually responded in my mind- I'll remember.
I didn't. Matter of fact it was far from my mind while we were all stuffing our faces and scrambling to gather ourselves and the spectacular six out the door.
To be continued...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Submission: It's not a dirty word

I love when the Lord reveals things to me about myself during our fellowship. I feel loved and cared for by the almighty God- that he would care enough to correct me. He does not want me to be lost. I am grateful for such a friend and Father as he. He is honest and compassionate.
These are qualities we should all want in a friend. An honest and compassionate friend are the truest kind.
So as I spent time in communion with the Lord this morning this thought of submission was impressed upon me.
I thought I was good in this area. I will admit, I hail myself ( blush) as a pretty good example of a submissive wife.
"Uh-uh-uh",goes this nudging- this gentle poke of the Holy Spirit.
I am not quite as submissive as I thought.
But Lord I give preference to my husband. I defer to him, I honor him.

Then the Lord brought to me the times that I do not readily listen to him. The things that I shrug at- simple things, small things in my perspective- but things none the less.
They are at first glance so harmless. Quite honestly, these are things that at the time, seem to have room for my right to choose. He is not offended at all when I decide, hmm, I'll just do this my way right here, honey.

But the Lord showed me that its the little things like that that add up into making a husband feel like his opinion does not matter. It is in those little things that can wear away at a husband's confidence in leading the family both naturally and spiritually.

The Lord challenged me to be more submissive to my husband- to his suggestions and to his subtle and even indirect direction. This will strike in him a subsmission in return.

He will be moved to compassion and carefulness. He will go into protect and lead mode, which is his God-ordained role. He will be moved to fight for me and our children with even more passion. His purposefulness will be re-fueled.

The thing is you don 't have to be married to try this.
Submission begets submission. If you want someone to be more aware of you and your feelings and concerns- concern yourself about them and their feelings and concerns.
It works, because it's in the Word of God.

Ephesians 5:21 Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.

Is this an area, you need to step up in?

Warmest thoughts and prayers,