Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moving is synomymous for Tie- Er- ing

We are still unpacking.
And I thought packing was hard.
And now for the UN of it; the undoing of what I spent tireless weeks attempting to accomplish.

Taping; sorting, good-willing, hauling, wrapping, boxing, trashing, selling.

And with one swipe of the box cutter, all of my hard work .... *sigh

what is the point, then?

Is this how it is when we move from one level to another in our journey with God?
The sorting, the good-willing, hauling, wrapping, boxing, and possibly the most and the hardest, trashing...

And with one swipe of the heart cutter- the sharp and powerful Word of God-
 all of the heart work,
the soul work, 
the spirit work,
is -
not undone- *sigh (of relief)

God takes our heart work and refines it. He cuts off the loose ends, and polishes the rough edges. It's a relief to know that, at least in this relationship with God, it is not one-sided, and our labor is not in vain.

* For the suffering of this present time is not worthy to be compared to the glory which will be revealed in us- romans 8:18

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

At the Cross?

Laynie has been answering the phone lately. She grabs the phone, " I got it, mommy!" and then before she gives it to me she answers it. "Hello?" and then she tells me who it is, or who she thinks  it is.

Sometimes she does not tell me she will get it- she just does. And she has a conversation with whomever is on the other side of the line. Ah, yes, my little social butterfly.

Yesterday, while I am up in my room folding some laundry, I suppose the phone rings. I do not hear it however. Fans are blowing all over the house and both handsets are by this time downstairs  (the very reason why we have two handsets, but that is beyond the point- they both always end up in the same section of the house somehow....ok back to the story)

So oblivious to me Laynie is on the phone.

"Where's your mom?"
"I can't find her"
Where's Tam?"
"she's with mommy- um, mommy's outside- at the cross- I have no family- they're outside- at the cross"
"you have no family?"
"I don't see them"

Ok so all the while I am upstairs folding laundry.
When I come downstairs the phone rings and I get it. My pastor's wife is on the line and relays the entire conversation to me. We are in stitches. No family?! Wow. I thought the out-of-sight thing was for babies, but 3 year olds? Wow.

Well at least she thought we were at the cross, I mean ,well, I hope that was a good thing in her mind....

At any rate, we're right here Laynie-Boo, and if we're at the cross, well  'By Golly', you'll be right there with us.
At the cross, at the cross
where I first saw the light
and the burdens of my heart rolled away
it was there by faith
I received my sight
And now I am happy all the day

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Under the influence

On sundays my husband and I minister in song at the start of each service. This is a small clip of a song that was inspired by the Holy Spirit as we worshipped. It was impromptu, never heard or rehearsed. He was playing a simple melody and the words just flowed into my brain. Very simple words. Very true words. Praise God. Scroll to the bottom of the page to pause the music player first.

If interested you can hear some other originals at Send me a message and let me know you stopped by.