Monday, December 22, 2014

Talkin' to Jesus

"Jesus," Z started so matter-of-factly. Then he turned to me to explain before he continued, "I'm paying to the Lord for the rain cuz, it's raining and, I want to go outside." The he turns back to the glass doors. We had all been watching the rain pour in sheets in a sudden down pour. He began again. "Thank you Jesus for the rain, so i can go outside. Amen." He gave himself an approving head nod and jumped down from the chair to go on to his next exploit. I laughed to myself at his childlike prayer. Did he realize what he was praying about? And wait, was he praying that the rain would stop so he cold go outside? or was he being thankful for the rain, wanting to go outside and play in it? I shrugged it off realizing it really didn't matter. He felt it was prayer-worthy. So he talked to Jesus about it.

Just a few short hours later, I overheard him get upset at his brother.  "Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Jesus." He repeated to calm down. I chuckled as I realized he was replicating one of my calm down tactics. Often he will see me look up and say " Thank you Jesus", several times in a row. To this he always asks, "Mommy are you OK?" It usually takes me by surprise and makes me laugh. Seeing his response to  his present frustration - giving thanks-  really pricked my heart. He took his frustrations to the Lord.

Still later that same  day J was crying his usual cranky cry. Z is always so concerned with J's well being, and always empathetic with his tears. I walked around the corner and caught him trying to console him by patting him on the back, and saying "Shh, shh don't cry J, don't cry." Then he sighs and says "Jesus, can you please help J stop cwying. Please Jesus. Amen." My heart melted.

I swooped in and picked up baby J, thinking back over the various prayers that Z prayed throughout the day. I marveled at the ease at which he prayed. I pondered at the normalcy of how he addressed the Lord. Just like he would say  mommy, or daddy, or one of his siblings names- "Jesus", he'd call.

How often do we call Jesus only when we think it's prayer worthy?
The thing is God denotes every moment of our lives as prayer worthy. He beckons us to acknowledge Him in all our ways so he can direct our paths. He instructs us to  be anxious for nothing, but in everything make our requests known to God, that we may have peace that passes all understanding.

Let's run to Jesus with our every moment like a child to daddy, and let him be the source rather than the resource of our joy and peace.