Monday, April 10, 2017

Why not?

Image result for grace is the face love wears when it meets imperfection

Why Not
So even if you have nothing much to say
why not
And when you have no kindness left to give why not
give your last?
When you're all touched out, and worn out
why not
Why don't you go ahead and sing even if you can't hold a note?
 if singing is too hard then maybe
 just hum-
and if suffering is long
why not have a good cry ,then
look to the heavens and ask the Lord "why?"- "when?"
Yes life's unpredictable-
why not
laugh in the Devil's face?
Look straight in the mirror and,
Stand out in that crowded place.
Why not be intentional-
living for God-
then use your last hour of  the day
in His word.
Or when you're too tired
why not whisper His name?
 and just let the grace of
His love fan the flame?

And when sleep is distant
why not think of smiles,
and things that bring warmth to your heart,
 whispering praises for a while.
When success's inconsistent
why not voice the sadness,
yet still tell God Thank you
because what you don't have
gives meaning to what you do?

Then he'll say that perfection is being curated;
that even your weakness is strength underrated.
When God is involved , the limit's celestial
He sends forth his Spirit and you are created.

-Created to be his original vision.
This world is the sharpening tool of precision
exposing and molding and trimming, refining.
His Grace is enough. Live freely.
Why not?