Saturday, January 7, 2017

New year- New priorities

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And sometimes its not the priorities that are new. It's the way they fall in your life. 

 Last year, it seems (from general consensus all over the internet), was hard for most folks.
 2016 was a struggle ya'll.
But when the going gets tough, things are revealed.
What's important becomes apparent.
 Things you thought were priorities, reveal themselves to be merely comforts, or preferences, but not quite as important as we made them out to be.

I thought a bigger house was important.
But more than a bigger house, the people in my house needed to work on bigger hearts.
We implemented various ways to cultivate peace and unity in our home over the course of 2016.
Finally in the last month we solidified what we call our Four walls or "laws" of peace

  1. Say Yes and OK
  2. Say  "Sorry"
  3. Honor other's requests
  4. Speak softly
See peace right now is high on the priority list.

And I thought an extra job was important.
But it turned that out more important was the job of keeping my house a home.
The anxiety and stress from trying to clock in and, be prepared, and do well, was not worth the forced neglect of order, overseeing, and management my children needed at pertinent times of the day.  Calm has returned to our mornings, instead of a harried frazzled rush.

Last but not least by any means. I thought reading the bible in one year was important.
I learned that more important than that was reading the bible and hiding it in my heart. What good was getting through all the words, but none of it getting in me? 

How did 2016 reshape your Priority list?
What did you realize you could live without, that you once thought you had to have?

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New year- new perspective- New priorities.
With our relationship with God as number 1.

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